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The world of health and nutrition is a fast-changing, ever-evolving one, as doctors, scientists, and other experts continuously discover new ways to improve people’s lives. It is also one of the most complicated, with many different topics being debated upon. One heavily debated subject is the concept of “superfoods,” which are food types that are rich in cancer-fighting nutrients like antioxidants, among others.

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One of the things millions of people from around the world fear of the most is finding out that they have the “Big C” or cancer. Though cancer can be treated through medications, especially if detected in its early stages, it may still bring negative effects not only on the body of the afflicted, but also on the people around him, even his financial welfare. If something as bad as cancer can be prevented, then people should make every effort to do so in order to avoid a potentially painful, grueling tomorrow.

Philippine Information Agency  Manila, Feb. 4 (PIA) — Moringa, or more commonly known among Filipinos as malunggay,is a plant acknowledged for its nutritional and medicinal value. Almost all parts of the moringa plant are edible, from the immature seed pods called drumsticks, to the leaves, mature seeds, and roots. The leaves are said to be the most

Edvize Scanizany working with Moringa leaves. Photograph: Mary Boland Mary Boland Irish Times Edvize Scanizany sits on the floor pulling the tiny leaves off the branches of Moringa trees in a shed in Mangily, north of the city of Toliara in southwest Madagascar. Once the leaves are dried, Scanizany will grind them into a powder that will be