With scientific research putting a lot more focus on people’s health, it doesn’t come as any surprise that new “superfood” choices seem to pop a lot more than they used to. Many of the superfood products that have become popular in recent years are usually exotic in nature and come with premium price tags, and this has led to some to inquire as to how effective some of these items really are. Fortunately, a different superfood is challenging this whole marketing paradigm.

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A news article from Science Daily published results of a clinical study discussing the effects of what increased magnesium levels can do to rat models and how it can possibly be the same for humans:

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With lots of new research revealing previously unknown nutritional value in different foods, the buzzword “superfood” has been tossed around a lot lately. Almost everything outside of fast food and junk food, from kale and pomegranates to chocolates and cheese, has been associated with the word to varying degrees.

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Moringa oleifera has recently received a lot of attention for being one of the healthiest foods on the market today. In fact, the vegetable is often touted as a “superfood” because of the long list of incredible moringa health benefits it packs in its tiny leaves. According to an article published on LIVESTRONG.COM, it is precisely because of how nutritious it is that the plant is gaining popularity among people who are trying to lose weight.