Nutritious Moringa Leaf Powder: A Practical Nutritional Supplement

by Moringa Delight / Friday, 28 February 2014 / Published in Industry News

With scientific research putting a lot more focus on people’s health, it doesn’t come as any surprise that new “superfood” choices seem to pop a lot more than they used to. Many of the superfood products that have become popular in recent years are usually exotic in nature and come with premium price tags, and this has led to some to inquire as to how effective some of these items really are. Fortunately, a different superfood is challenging this whole marketing paradigm.

Nutritious Moringa Leaf Powder A Practical Nutritional Supplement

Moringa oleifera, a tree whose origins can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent, is neither expensive nor exotic. In fact, as a recent article from The Irish Times reveals, the ground-up leaves of this hardy, fast-growing, and easily propagated plant have found use as a nutritional supplement for children in the poorer communities of Madagascar.

Nutrition-wise, Moringa oleifera is no small player, either. In one gram of fine Moringa leaf powder, you’ll find four times the calcium in milk, seven times the vitamin C in oranges, four times the potassium in bananas, three times the iron in spinach, and more protein than in eggs.

It is no wonder, then, that demand for the plant, as well as the many different products that can be derived from it, is steadily increasing. In order to keep up with this growing demand, Moringa growers have already started producing various forms of this superfood. Moringa oleifera leaf powder preparations can already be obtained in either tea or capsule forms from companies like Moringa Delight, not to mention oil, seeds, and other derivatives.

(Source: The Moringa tree: an answer to world hunger?, The Irish Times, 18 January 2014)

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