Why Moringa Delight?

Perfection in Growing and Processing

We produce the highest quality Moringa under perfect growing conditions on the largest Moringa farm in the world! We combine over 20 years of Moringa experience with the best production methods available to bring you the finest quality Moringa products. The scale of our operation is 72 hectares or just shy of 180 acres large. We have a 12 hectare Moringa intensive field of 1 million plants per hectare and an additional 50,000 Moringa trees on 60 hectares of land. Meeting consumer demand is never a problem. Soil is very important. Even 100% Certified Organic foods can be lacking in nutrients due to depleted earth conditions and often found heavy metals. Our land in Leon, Nicaragua is extremely fertile and from volcanic origin. There are zero traces of heavy metals and our fields are fertilized from compost made from the stems and trunks of the Moringa tree. Our Moringa is all natural and organically grown without any chemicals, we also don’t use Gama-irradiation which destroys many of the nutrients in the leaves. We do not use binding agents, fillers or laboratory-made synthetic chemicals that our bodies can’t absorb and can have negative side effects. No artificial sweeteners, MSG or Gluten are found any of our products. We also do not sun dry our leaves where they can be exposed to insects, bacteria and other living organisms, but instead utilize large turbines that air dry at less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve the nutrients and keep the live enzymes intact. Moringa Delight is not a commercial junk vitamin, but an enzymatically live whole food supplement that has extremely high bioavilability and our bodies can readily absorb and assimilate it almost instantly. This is the Rolls Royce of all superfoods, serious nutrition that can radically benefit your overall health in literally hundreds of ways. (See our Moringa nutrient and Moringa science pages for more detailed information)

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How Does Moringa Delight Make You Feel?


Moringa Energy


Some of the Major Benefits Reported By Our Customers Are:

  • Liver & Full Body Detox.
  • Increased & Sustained Physical Energy
  • Vibrant Skin
  • Overall Well-Being
  • Mental Clarity & Positive Mood
  • Anti-Aging
  • Liver & Full Body
  • Weight Loss Through Improved Metabolism & Digestion
  • Less Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Helps Maintain Healthy & Balanced Cholesterol/Blood Sugar/Blood Pressure Levels

Why Supplement With Moringa?

Proper Health Maintenance

We can eat over 3,000 calories a day and still not receive the necessary nutrients our body’s need to maintain proper health, especially if we consume dead acidic foods. These foods make up much of our common every day diets and can have a negative effect on our pH balance, which can in turn have a negative effect on our health. Dr. Otto Warburg, a 3 time Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology winner, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering that cancer, viruses, fungi and bacteria thrive in acidic bodies, but cannot survive in highly oxygenated and alkaline ones.

Moringa Delight floods your body with 100% bioavailable, enzymatically live, cell-ready nutrients, which can not only help balance your pH levels and create an optimal alkaline environment, but also removes toxins and detoxifies your liver and whole body. Revitalize your senses with natural and sustained energy, without crash. Get your entire daily nutritional requirements in a single serving and make stellar, radiant, dynamic health and maintenance a reality. Nowadays supplementation is not only an option, but it is necessary to maintain proper health in order to keep your immune system strong. At Moringa Delight, we believe that whole food nutrition is the best preventative care you can give your body. So why not give your body the Whole Grail of supplements?

In the words of Hippocrates…

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”