Benefits of Moringa Uncontrolled high blood pressure is dangerous – it can injury and even kill you. Without any symptoms, high blood pressure is known as a silent killer because it can damage your arteries, heart, and other organs. The consequences of high blood pressure are wide-reaching, including heart attack, heart disease, and congestive heart

A Proven Weight Loss Aid

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Benefits of Moringa 2015 is only a few days old, and if you are like most Americans, you have decided to lose weight. Forming healthy habits is key to achieving this goal, to genuinely make a lasting change True habit forming can take upwards of 2 months to become realized, as evidenced by a habit

1. Lower Cancer Risk: Moringa tea is packed with powerful ECEG antioxidants, which rid your body of cancer-causing free radicals, to reduce potential for mass cell mutation. 2. Decreased Heart Disease: ECEG has also shown to lower bad cholesterol. Moringa farmers preserve the ECEG in moringa tea through a freeze-dry process, making this tea an

With scientific research putting a lot more focus on people’s health, it doesn’t come as any surprise that new “superfood” choices seem to pop a lot more than they used to. Many of the superfood products that have become popular in recent years are usually exotic in nature and come with premium price tags, and this has led to some to inquire as to how effective some of these items really are. Fortunately, a different superfood is challenging this whole marketing paradigm.